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Facials & Full Body Treatments

Facials & Full Body Treatments

I offer a variety of treatment offerings designed to support your skin and wellness needs, concerns and goals to achieve your optimal skin health and well-being.

Smart TCA Peel

TCA SkinCeuticals Medical Grade Chemical Peel

Time 60 Minutes

$199 per single peel 
$900 for a series of 5

Five medical-grade customized chemical peels based on skin concerns and goals. Recommended once every three weeks. For more Info on TCA Click Here

SkinCeuticals Microneedling
$199 per treatment
$500 for a series of 3
$100 per added area (neck, décolleté, hands)   

Performed by a skincare professional, microneedling is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses a handheld device containing very fine needles that inflict micro-punctures to the skin. These controlled injuries trigger the skin’s natural repair processes, stimulating collagen and elastin production. This procedure is most commonly used to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and skin texture.

Facials & Full Body Treatments

Le Grand Classique
Time: 60-90 Minutes
Cost:: 100-125

A unique, signature Yon-Ka European facial that is customized for each person. This 90-minute facial features the Yon-Ka deep-cleansing care system in 5 phases. Your complexion will be purified and noticeably hydrated. Recommended monthly for all skin types.

SkinCeauticals Brightening Facial Time: 60 Minutes Cost: $100 Restorative skin treatment for hyperpigmentation resulting in refined radiance.

SkinCeauticals Brightening Facial
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost:  $100

Restorative skin treatment for hyperpigmentation resulting in refined radiance. 

aromatic foot soak

Aromatic Therapeutic Foot Soak
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $25

Relax and receive the ultimate in foot care.  The benefits of soaking in a Copper tub is both nourishing and detoxifying.  Combine with restorative CBD and YonKa products for a heightened experience.  Your Happy Healthy Feet will feel rejuvenated.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna
Time: 15-60 minutes
$1 per minute.

Relax and Restore your body as you detox in this comfortable table Infrared light Sauna while you receive therapeutic customized light therapies just for you.

Facial treatments offered in the spa

Essential Facials:

Facials are customizable upon thorough skin analysis and recommended every 4-6 weeks

Select your time:

45, 60 and 90-minute facial treatments $75-$150

Skintique Signature European Facial – Le Grand Classique

A uniquely luxurious result-driven facial featuring the YonKa Paris exclusive deep cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating systems customizable for all skin types.

Specific Facials:

Teen Facial 

Introductory tutorial teaching optimal skincare protocol including a personalized treatment plan.

Detox & Hydrate

Nourishing treatment purges skin of impurities rebalances hydration, restores glowing complexion.

Anti-Age Defy 35-45 years, 45-55 years, 55-65 years, 65 +

Revitalize and repair dull, fatigued skin, promote cellular turnover and energize collagen production customizable for your age and concerns and goals. Prevention for future damage.

Calming for Sensitive Skin

Perfect for compromised skin-restoring and balancing sensitive skin with soothing botanical treatments.


Restorative treatment for hyperpigmentation resulting in refined radiance.

Clarify and Purify

Customizable purity treatments, incorporating steam, extractions, and compresses to purify and soothe blemished and inflamed skin.

Medi Specifics

Series of 5 medical-grade customizable chemical peels based on skin concerns and goals.  Recommended every three weeks for optimal results. $500.
SkinCeuticals Peel Protocols include one or more treatments:
Age-defying, Brightening, Clearing/Purifying, and Nourish/Hydrate.

Enhancements to compliment your treatments and spa experience

Aromatic Therapeutic Foot Soak $25
Total Restorative Foot Soak incorporating reflexology, acupressure and effleurage massage techniques

Scalp and neck massage $15
Relaxing reflexology, acupressure point and effleurage techniques with aroma therapy

CBD Enhancements $10
Mama Earth CBD oral and topicals to enhance your treatment 

Dermaplanning $50
removal of superfluous skin layers and fine vellus hair allowing optimal product penetration

Facial or target musculoskeletal cupping $50
lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, detoxifying facial contouring and plumping fine lines

Infrared Light Sauna Therapy $25
$1 per minute Sunlighten’s far infrared therapy purifies the body, boosts energy and shrinks belly fat. During a treatment, your body is surrounded by soothing far infrared heat that penetrates the body at the cellular level leaving you feeling light and revitalized

Facial waxing $50

Revitalize Eyes Treatment $20
Eye contouring and massage designed to revitalize tired eyes, lighten dark circles and plump fine lines

Eye brow wax/shape $20

Eye brow/lash tint $20

Lip scrub/refine treatment $10
Exfoliate and hydrate restoring lips and lip area 

I can’t wait to serve YOU! By Appointment: Call, text or email to schedule your appointment today!